How walking and weight loss are related? Is walking itself more enough to lose weight? This is the question asked by many people who are looking to lose a considerable amount of weight. If you’re one of them asking that same question, then this article is really for you.

Is walking enough to loseIn this section, I’m going to share you about how walking and weight loss are related to each other and some of the safety tips to get rid of injuries occur while walking.

Is walking enough to lose weight?

Nowadays, one and all from school students to aged people walk for few minutes either at morning or evening time. Who knows, you may also do walking to lose weight. This is because you people knows walking helps to reduce a considerable amount of overweight.

But, you know, how it helps to burn extra calories? No problem, keep continue to read to know!!

How walking helps to burn calories?

When you walk at morning or evening time, you need extra energy. But, during at both morning and evening time, you didn’t have that much energy to walk. On the other hand, you body also needs some more energy to do walking effectively.

At such a case, your body makes use stored calories and convert it as energy to boost your body. So, when you walk more, your body burns more calories for energy. In this way, you can shed a considerable amount of weight. This is secret behind in the walking and weight loss.

I hope, you know how walking helps you in the losing weight right!!

How many calories you can burn?

How many calories can I burn by simply do a walking? This is your next question right!! When you effectively walk for 30 minutes, you can burn up to 150 calories. Moreover, you can burn up to 1000 calories per day by walking.

At the same time, burning calories using walking is highly depends on how effectively you practice walking. If you walk briskly, then you can burn considerable quantity of calories.

There is a way to calculate your effectiveness of walking. You can determine your walking speed in 2 ways and those are:

  • By counting number of steps per minute
  • By calculating how long time you took to cross a mile

By finding an answer for these factors, you can know your speed and effectiveness. From that, you can able to determine the calories that you burned.

How many calories you can burnSafety tips for walking:

Comfort and fine grips are essential to walk without getting any injuries. Therefore, you need to consider safety precautions while walking.

  • Always carry a water bottle to drink when you want
  • Choose the right place to walk safely
  • Buy the right pair of running shoes
  • Wear right kind of dress to breathe comfortably
  • Make yourself ready for all kinds of weather conditions and buy appropriate accessories to protect you
  • Always choose the bright color dress to make yourself as visible to others

However, walking itself can’t help you to shed more calories and you also need to maintain proper diet to see an excellent result in weight lose.