Want to get fit by means of excellent exercise? Stay here and read this post. In this post, I’m going to share about running schedule for beginners to lose weight.

Running helps you to lose weight but just running won’t help you. Along with the running, you need to follow a proper diet plan, which in turn you can lose weight effectively.

Running schedule for beginners to lose weight:

Running schedule for beginners to lose weightThough, once you’ve decided to lose weight by means of any form of exercise, don’t lose your hope. Just go ahead and do exercise to lose weight effectively. Running for 30 minutes on a daily basis burns more calories than you think. Why you don’t try this best exercise to shed more calories. Think!!

Do you know? Running is the best exercise for permanent weight loss. But, there are two training approaches are available to follow.

Although, many beginners do not know which approach is best to lose weight effectively. Every beginner needs to get a clear idea of this fact. So only they can achieve their weight loss goal successfully.

Running training approach:

The two kinds of running training approaches are as follows:

  1. Interval training
  2. Long slow distance running

Having a clear understanding of the two training approaches, you can able to choose which is best to you.

Interval training:

You know this type of running is very powerful and helps you to burn a numerous number of calories as soon as possible. Moreover, it helps to promote the metabolism level of your body, so that you can burn fat in an effective way.

But sometimes, the interval training may lead to unwanted injuries and burn out. So, take much care while practicing interval training.

Furthermore, it is not the best running training approach in the earlier stages. Hence, novices are advised not to begin their training program without enough cardiovascular power.

Long slow distance running:

Do you believe long slow distance running helps to build an aerobic foundation? Saying no, then you’re wrong. I’m sure long distance running is the best option for beginners to lose weight and to build an aerobic foundation.

You can learn good training principles by means of long slow distance running. What are the good training principles? Do you have any idea about this? If no, read here to know what it is?

Good training principles:

  • Proper running form
  • Breathing rhythm

Running schedule:

Many kinds of exercise can be effective for weight loss, but running is the most excellent one amongst all.

Stage 1:

  • Walk for 30 minutes daily while you’re in stage 1 workout.
  • Repeat this sequence for four more times and the total workout time is 30 minutes.

Stage 2:

  • Walk for 4 minutes and run 1 minute. Repeat this for three more times.
  • Follow this routine at least two or three times in a week before moving to the next stage.

Stage 3:

In the stage 3 workout, you have to walk for 4 minutes and run 2 minutes. Repeat this sequence for four more times.

These are all about the running schedule for beginners to lose weight.