How to run a half marathon in a week? Running a first half marathon is a great way of getting fit, losing weight and maybe even earning some money for a good cause. When it comes to How to finish your first half marathontraining for the half marathon, the key workout each week is the long run. If you make the long run the focus of your training, you give yourself a great shot of running well come race day.

The half marathon is a great distance and it is long enough to feel challenged, but not so long that training for it completely consumes your life. Here are a few good training tips for your first half marathon.

Build a base:

One mistake new runner often makes when paring for a half marathon is thinking that the 12-week plan takes you from the couch to the finish line. Anything less than this weekly mileage or longest run mileage will overwhelm your body’s ability to acclimate. If you have a solid base under your feet, then when you start your training, you’ll only be acclimating to the demands of the demands of the half marathon training workouts.

If you have a weak base coming into the training, then you will actually be asking your body to build that base while at the same time as acclimating to the new training demands.

Pick a plan:

If the plan has you running every day and you know that’s not going to happen, then that Night before your half marathonplan is not for you. Second, find a plan that matches your running fitness level. If the first long run in the plan is 8 miles.

What to prepare:

First of all, you need to prepare a training schedule. You need to be discipline and never skip training. List all the things that you think might interfere with your schedule. This will divide time for your program. Prepare all the necessary running gears during your training day and race day.

Night before your half marathon:

Carbs loading the night before a half marathon is key because carbs are the preferred fuel to burn during running. Eating processed carbs like white pasta will burn faster. Obviously, avoid alcohol at all costs and drink plenty of fluids all day.

Morning of the half marathon:

Eat a light breakfast based on white carbs. White toast with you are favorite spread or a banana but just enough to stop the hunger. You can also choose to have a good strong coffee as the caffeine will stay in your system for 6 hours and increase endurance.

How to finish your first half marathon

Focus on your distance and not on your pace. This is a distance running race and you will be in it for a long period. Stay motivated through your training weeks.  Maintain your discipline and never look for excuses.

Never underestimate the importance of proper nutrition. Your body needs nutrition as well to develop and become stronger. Eat a lot of carbs because it will give you plenty of energy for your runs.