How can I lose weight by just walking on a treadmill? Walking on a treadmill can be a good exercise to complement your weight loss program if you work out for long enough duration and at a high enough intensity to burn calories. You can get an idea of how much weight you’ll lose by estimating the calories you burn during your treadmill sessions.

How will treadmill help you to lose weight?

How will treadmill help you to lose weightLose weight by walking is a weight bearing exercise, which means your body weight affects the number of calories you burn and how much weight you lose.

Weight loss:

Walking on the treadmill every day helps you lose weight because it increases the number of calories that you burn. You lose weight when you burn more calories than you consume because your body has to break down the fat you have stored on your body. You lose one pound of fat for every 3500 more calories you burn than you consume.

Amount of walking:

In 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill, you could burn about 150 calories. To lose more, you will need to either walk faster, longer to your treadmill routine to increase its intensity.

Watch your intake:

To lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. Walking on the treadmill will help you lose belly fat, but only if you watch your food intake. Take more fruits and vegetables in your diet since most are low in calories and filling.

Eating more than usual will cancel out some of the calorie burns from your walks, causing you to lose weight more slowly. To boost your fat loss, incorporate other activities into your day such as gardening and cleaning the house.

Increase your work rate:

To see massive benefits in the shortest time, you really need a treadmill fitted with a heart rate sensor. If you make your workout too tough you will burn yourself out and put yourself at risk of injury. So you need to keep your workout rate in the best way to do this is to Increase your work ratemaintain your heart rate within your optimal training zone.

Tips for treadmill weight loss:

When first starting out on the treadmill, you need to go slow until you get the hang of things and feel comfortable with the motion and have your balancing figured out.

  • Maintain proper posture by keeping your head up, relaxing your neck, and looking straight ahead
  • Walk at a stride that is comfortable for you
  • Allow your arms to swing naturally at your side with your fingers free
  • Hold your abdomen in and keep your hips relaxed and loose
  • Breathe normally and concentrate on taking deep smooth breaths
  • Keep your mind focused on something other than just walking
  • Check your posture and walking technique in the mirror

If you want to lose weight if you have sore joints or you can’t make the effort to go to a gym, then working out at home on a treadmill might be the answer to your exercise and weight loss. Just think of the benefit your body and health will enjoy after several weeks of indoor walking.